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  • Viet KOG

    Karmakut Liberation

    Last date update: 8/8/2023

    SECTION 1: Viet KOG

    1. Purpose of OPFOR:
      • Viet KOG is intended to add a realistic dynamic challenge to Liberation gameplay
      • Viet KOG has limited lives (3) per restart unless captured.
      • Only KOG Dedicated Roster slots are to play Viet KOG.

    SECTION 2: Viet KOG Operations

    1. Operating as Viet KOG
      • 2 nine-man infantry squads
      • 1 three-man weapons team
        • Full team must be slotted to be operational. 
      • Missions include, but not limited to, ambush, kidnapping, flank assaults, sabotage, reinforcing OPFOR occupied territory. 
        • Viet KOG must make every attempt to rally with friendlies when alone.
        • BLUFOR Patrol Base (PB) can be attacked and destroyed by Viet KOG.
        • BLUFOR FOB attacks will be organized and announced by ODIN.
      • Gear loadouts are role slot restricted. (Do not share gear). Only use what is available to you in arsenal.
        • Viet KOG can rearm off of dead AI, but are still not allowed to take anything they would not have in arsenal (ie. Strelas).
        • EXCEPTION: Viet KOG may scavenge all BLUFOR Weapons, Throwables and Devices (NO UNIFORMS, RADIOS, HELMETS, VESTS, OR BACKPACKS INCLUDING LR).
      • Requirements for Viet KOG play: 
        • 50 BLUFOR player count = minimum 2 - maximum (no limit)
        • 30 BLUFOR player count = minimum 2 - maximum 9 Viet KOG players

    SECTION 3: Viet KOG Disclaimer

    1. Disclaimer
      • The intent create more dynamic and challenging situations on the server that AI simply cannot provide.
      • Viet KOG will not have ZEUS access. 
      • Viet KOG cannot capture points.
      • Viet KOG cannot use Civilian or BLUFOR vehicles.
        • Viet KOG can use EMPTY OPFOR emplacements.
      •  If Viet KOG is captured, they are banned from the rest of that restart.
        • Viet KOG in BLUFOR custody at time of restart also counts as capture.
          • In custody means that the Viet KOG capture is awake, stable, and being sped to the rear.
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