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  • Artillery Assets

    Standard Operating Procedures

    Karmakut Liberation

    SECTION 1: Purpose of Artillery

    1. Purpose of Artillery: 
      • Designated under callsign Savage.
      • Artillery is a support element that contributes to infantry assaults and objective suppression.
      • Artillery is not self dependent and requires to be given authorized tasking from Platoon TACPs.
      • Platoon Leaders can task Savage if there is no Platoon TACPs slotted as long as there is a designated Forward Observer.
        • Possible Forward Observers: Platoon TACPs, Phantom, Platoon Leaders, Squad Leaders, Sensor Operator.
        • Phantom Darter2i (drone) may be used as a forward observing tool for savage fire missions.
        • MQ-9 Reaper drone may be used as a forward observing tool for savage fire missions.

    SECTION 2: Use of Artillery Assets

    1. Use of Artillery Vehicles: 
      • Artillery Operators must monitor Long Range Artillery Direction net 080.000 and Short Range 040.000.
        • All fire missions will be coordinated through Platoon TAD net 081.000, 082.000.
      • The Platoon TACPs and artillery operators are responsible for minimizing collateral damage to civilian infrastructure when deploying indirect fire.
      • All HE fire missions within 200m of civilian infrastructure or friendly positions require authorization from Platoon Leader.
        • Smoke fire missions only require clearance within 100m from civilian infrastructure or friendly positions.
      • 82mm mortars require a two-man team to deploy to the field.
        • Range for danger close missions for the 82mm is 100 meters.
      • Artillery can provide suppression fire under direct order from Platoon Leader.
      • Counter Battery Operations:
        • Counter Battery can be conducted without limitations but Savage must communicate on proper TAD net that counter battery is taking place.

    SECTION 3: Calling for support

    1. Communication:
      • When receiving an artillery fire mission expect the following radio etiquette:
        • Location of target (Grid reference, map markers)
        • Target type (be as specific as possible)
        • Munitions type
        • Distances to nearest friendlies or civilian targets
        • Readback for Confirmation

    SECTION 4: Disclaimer

    1. Disclaimer:
      • Any player can refuse an order given if it will cause them to break SOPs. (if this scenario occurs remind the parties involved of the SOP in a peaceful manner. If needed reach out to an admin to help mediate)
      • Operating the MN230 VLS (Cruise Missile) requires forward observer Phantom (only), utililizing drone ( Darter2i) for laze of target.
      • When conducting CFF mission utilizing CBU rounds, danger close is considered 300m and requires approval.
      • This server is an infantry-first combined arms experience, all Assets are in support of the infantry experience.
      • Squad Leaders are able to task Savage if there is no Platoon TACPs/Platoon Leader slotted.
      • For missions approved by TACPs/Platoon Leader, Squad Leaders may be used to adjust fire.


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