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    Karma Company Liberation is a persistent 24/7 gamemode for Arma 3 where up to 100 players fight an AI faction across massive landscapes. The campaigns run over real-life weeks and feature a range of weapons, equipment, and vehicles to offer a one-of-a-kind combined-arms mil-sim experience.

    Server Rules

    Karmakut is the judge, jury, and executioner on this server.
    You maybe removed from the server at anytime for any reason.

    1. Do not grief (kill civilians/intentionally kill friendly/prisoners/shoot randomly/throw smokes in base/etc)
    2. Use and salvage of OPFOR/civilian equipment and vehicles is prohibited. (For KOG OPFOR, use and salvage of BLUFOR/civillian equpment and vehicles is prohibited).
    3. Mics and TeamSpeak are required, English only, no mic/music spam
    4.  We have a zero tolerance policy for disrespect/toxicity
      1. We have an 18+ maturity level requirement
    5. Do not share role restricted gear and equipment
    6. Do not metagame (e.g. use in-game or out of game text chats to share information, para dropping/boat inserting behind enemy lines).
    7. All slots are first-come first-serve, play the role you slot into
    8. Respect the Chain of Command / Leadership
      1. Lonewolfing is not allowed (moving/acting on your own without any regard for the element to accomplish selfish goals)
    9. Follow the Company orders in #isr if one exists
    10. ODIN slots are for Admins only.
    11. Custom face designs are not permitted
    12. Do not advertise for other entities
    13.  The following content is banned from all discussion platforms:
      1. Drugs
      2. Pornography
      3. Spoilers
      4. Racism
      5. Politics
      6. Real-life gore or death

    Expanded rules are in the Standard Operating Procedures

    How To Join

    Download The Mods

    Modlists: Liberation server and Training server have the same preset modlist.

     Modlist for Liberation: kc_lib_US_Army_Australia.html

    Optional Mods (Advanced)

    The server supports optional mods that provide quality of life and visual/effects improvements. To load these mods head to the linked Steam Workshop page and Subscribe to it (or drag the link onto the Arma launcher). Then Tick the mod in the Arma 3 launcher Mods page. Click the Preset drop-down top-right then Save. [+E] mods are included in the +Extra Modlist.

    Aircraft Helmet Mounted Displays (HMDs)
    HMD - Watergard_HMDs_MOD_Repack and HMDs RHS (Make sure to ignore Dependences)

    Quality of Life
    9Liners & Notepad, A3 Thermal Improvement [+E], Auto Weapon Lower, Enhanced Map ACE Version, Simple Maptools [+E], Moving Stacks ReworkBunwell RHS fix (No More 2,8,16,24 Burst Modes)

    Visual/Quality Improvements
    CH View Distance [+E], Enhanced GPS [+E], Enhanced Missile Smoke, Fawks Enhanced NVGs [+E],
     Better Inventory [+E], TFAR AnimationsReduced Haze Mod v3.19Liners & Notepad,

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio setup video:

    Setup: Step by step guide for Task Force Arrowhead Radio intallation: TFAR Setup

    Resource and Video guides link: Resources & Videos

    Connection Info

    To join: Click the yellow Play With Mods button in the Arma 3 Launcher and use the in-game Server Browser, the Launcher browser turns off the Mods.
    If you run into any issues: Double-check the Server and try typing the Server IP or Password by hand exactly as written.

    Liberation Server - Arma 3

    - Server IP:  liberation.karmakut.com
    - Port:  5100
    - Password: Check in our Teamspeak Server

    Training Server - Arma 3

    - Server IP:  liberation.karmakut.com
    - Port:  5200
    - Password:  training

    Comms Server - TeamSpeak 3

    - Server IP:  teamspeak.karmakut.com
    - Port:  9987
    - Password:  tactical

    Karma Company Unit

    Get the optional Karma Company tag and patch: https://units.arma3.com/unit/karmakut 

    Karmakut discord info: Discord link



    Getting Help: Ask in #help or #new_player with error screenshots on Discord or if you need a hand getting set up with any of the setup steps.
    Recommended: Many questions are covered in the New Player Guide.


    • Can't install TFAR? If your task_force_radio.ts3_plugin file isn't opening to install in TeamSpeak: Either restart your computer so the file association can set up and try again, or right click the TFAR Plugin file and go Open With then navigate to: C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client\pac kage_inst.exe
    • No Audio? Head to Tools -> Options -> Playback and ensure you can hear the Play Test Sound function, if not change the Playback Device.
    • No Mic Input? head to Tools -> Options -> Capture and ensure you can hear the Begin Test function, change Capture Device if not.
      • Either set a Push-To-Talk key that isn't Capslock (used by TFAR) OR set Voice Activity Detection with Mode: Volume Gate and drag the slider to the right until it only picks up your voice when speaking with minimal background noise. Incrementally drag the slider left if your voice is getting cut off. Tick Remove Background Noise and set to Max.
      • If you use Voice Activity Detection, you will need to set an additional Push-to-talk ("Default") keybind in Hotkeys to be able to talk in the TeamSpeak Lobby before entering the game as that channel is Push-to-talk only.
    • I can't hear people/people can't hear me? Click your name in TeamSpeak and check the Task Force Radio Status section in the info panel on the right. If it isn't there or if it doesn't say Plugin Version 1.-1.0.328 then you need to install Task Force Arrowhead Radio (TFAR) by following the Setup Instructions at the top.
      • If you have another version of TFAR already, you will likely need to uninstall it by going Tools -> Options -> Addons -> Task Force Arrowhead Radio -> Uninstall then following the Setup Instructions at the top to install the correct version.
    • Note: Do not move yourself into the TaskForceRadio channel in TeamSpeak, the TFAR plugin will automatically do this when you spawn into game.

    Mod Errors and Signing Issues

    Specific errors:

    • Missing mod files (or "Verifying PBO Failed"): Make sure the mod is checked in the Mod list, Repair it, and Refresh Modlist as below. Then run Arma with the yellow Play With Mods button and use the in-game server browser (the launcher server browser can turn off mods). Or try Open a Mod above and see if you can find the file it's mentioning, post in #help if its missing. If the files are there try the Mod Contents Wipe step below.
    • Mod file signing (or "file1.pbo, file2.pbo are not signed by a key accepted by this server"):
      • Method A - Duplicate .bisigns: This avoids a big mod re-download. Follow Opening a Mod below, then go into its addons/ folder, and check for duplicate *.bisign files with similar names. Delete the older of the duplicates, check its Date Modified and version number e.g. if with SomeMod-1.6.6 and SomeMod-1.3.3, delete SomeMod-1.3.3.
        • Note: Method A is a bit more involved but can save large file re-downloads for some Mods, if this is not a concern then Method B is simpler.
      • Method B - Mod contents wipe: Follow the Force reinstall a Mod step below for that Mod, this will take a larger download but may be simpler in cases where there are a lot of invalid signing files or mod files.

    Repairing a Mod: If there's an error involving a mod the first step is to search for the Mod's name via the search bar top-right in the Arma launcher Mods page and ensure it is Ticked then to Repair it. Right Click the Mod entry, then click Repair. This will attempt to replace any missing or invalid Mod files. Note it may get stuck sometimes and need the launcher to be closed, do that and check the Steam downloads page to track its progress.

    Opening a Mod's folder: Find the Mod in the Arma launcher Mods page as above then Right Click -> Open Folder, double click the Mod's folder to open, then e.g. the addons/ folder within that. Then check files as needed for the specific error troubleshooting step(s).

    Force reinstall a Mod: Follow Opening a Mod above, then delete the Mod folder's contents (e.g. Addons/ folder, Keys/, the loose files, etc) but leave that named Mod folder itself, then Repair the mod as above (note this may take a long time to fully re-download). Sometimes Steam Workshop/Arma holds on to files when unsubscribing so fully clearing them is needed to actually fix the file links.
    Note: Sometimes instead of Repairing, you may need to delete the Mod's contents then Unsubscribe from the mod (Click the Arrow next to Mod in Arma launcher to expand, then Trash Can to Unsubscribe) then Force A Modlist Refresh to get Arma to properly relink with the Mod.

    Forcing a Modlist refresh: Download a fresh Liberation Basic or +Extra Modlist file at the top. Open the Arma launcher Mods page, in the top bar click ... More -> Import list of mods from a file then Overwrite to force the Modlist update more consistently than dragging the Modlist over.

    Crashes and Stability

    • Try verifying file integrity of Arma through Steam. Right click Arma in Steam game list -> Properties -> Local Files -> Verify Local Files.
    • Updating video card drivers from manufacturer website may help too.
    • Keep Task Manager open to the Resources tab to track memory usage around the crash time to see if it runs out.
    • If getting a crash with an error code (try at own risk): https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Unusual_process_exit

    Connection and Network Issues

    The Arma 3 Liberation server has a ping limit of 300ms (the Training server has a more relaxed ping limit). If you exceed this you will be kicked with a blank "You have been kicked" message. Try joining again and check the below notes if this happens regularly to you.

    Finding ping: Your ping can be seen from the server browser or via the in-game Map pressing Players top left then your name.

    Potential improvements:

    • Signal: Try getting closer to your wifi router or if possible use an ethernet cable to plug in directly, improving signal may help depending on your home environment.
    • Alternative network: If you have the data limit for it, tethering to your phone at least temporarily may help isolate whether it is a network-specific issue. Using another alternative network if available may help too.
    • VPN: A VPN may help correct some of the issues with e.g. traffic routing at the ISP or infrastructure level. A VPN may do a lot or absolutely nothing here, hard to say. For the Lib server tunnel to US Central or US East. Some VPNs have free trials which may help you test if that helps here. And don't go for a fully free one as they have to make their money somewhere- likely from you.

    Performance & FPS

    Basic performance tips:

    • Try switching to the Basic Liberation modlist, it has less heavy effects than +Extra.
      • Note that modded Arma 3 will be slower than vanilla so will require higher specs than the Minimum and possibly Recommended listed on the store page.
    • Make sure your overall Graphics Setting preset is above Low so it actually uses your graphics card and not just CPU.
    • Set your Graphics Settings page View Distance to 500m or 1500m, Terrain Quality to Standard (or Low)
      • If you have the CHViewDistance mod loaded (comes with +Extra modlist but can be loaded by itself as an Optional Mod) use Ctrl + [ or ] to change View Distance in-game and use Shift + [ or ] to lower Terrain Quality.
        • These have separate setting for on-foot and vehicles so will need to be changed when in a vehicle too.
      • If you don't have this mod, just use the in-built Graphics Settings menu.

    Advanced performance tips (for Advanced Users):

    • Perform these at your own risk, read the disclaimers carefully and understand that this may lead to a less stable Arma 3 or even less performant in some cases, though it may also lead to significant performance improvements. If you don't feel comfortable making a change, leave it as is. The #help channel may not be able to assist you if you are having issues with a heavily modified setup.
    • Suggestions/comments for the guide, start from Step 1 and check these suggestions:
      • Step 3.8 - May be worth turning Logs back on if you ever start experiencing crashes, for looking into the issue.
      • Step 4.1 - Use the Automatic Method to get the performance build.
      • Step 4.2 - Use the System Allocator if you have Windows 10 or above (may work for other Windows versions too).
      • Step 6.1 - Just updating the Graphics Drivers from the manufacturer website instead of this.
      • Skip Step 6.3 and onwards.
      • Continue from Step 8.1.
    • Once more: Read each suggested step and try to understand what it is doing before making changes
    • Performance Guide - READ THE ABOVE: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1731305438



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