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  • image.thumb.jpeg.ada16c3c4ab45929b3523b4485053954.jpeg
    Ready or Not Marathon Mode
    Inspired by Grim's Career Mode

    What is Marathon Mode?:
    Marathon Mode is a challenge within Ready or Not that is intended to give you a hardcore, nail-biting, campaign-style experience. Marathon Mode is based around clearing all the maps within Ready or Not without losing a single player or having a bad shoot, thus forcing players to think and play much more tactically.  

    General Rules:

    1. RESTART if any players die
    2. RESTART if any civilians are killed by BLUFOR
    3. RESTART if any compliant suspect is killed by BLUFOR
    4. RESTART is any bombs are detonated
    5. RESTART if all hostages are killed
    6. NO Door Cameras, Door Wedges, or Heavy Armor Allowed
    7. ONE Shield is allowed per map
    8. Marathon Mode can be played with any number of players
    9. No mid-run player substitutions or additions are allowed
    10. Only cosmetic mods and "In-Game Menu" are allowed
    11. Exceptions can be made for bugs, glitches, lag, and disconnects

    Recommended Map Order:

    1. Park 213 - Barricaded Suspects
    2. Gas Station - Barricaded Suspects
    3. Wenderly Hills Hotel - Barricaded Suspects
    4. Car Dealership - Barricaded Suspects
    5. Port Hokan - Barricaded Suspects
    6. Vine of the Carrier - Barricaded Suspects
    7. Brisa Cove - Barricaded Suspects
    8. Neon Nightclub - Barricaded Suspects
    9. Valley of Dolls - Barricaded Suspects
    10. Park 213 - Raid
    11. Gas Station - Raid
    12. Wenderly Hills Hotel - Raid
    13. Port Hokan - Raid
    14. Vine of the Carrier - Raid
    15. Gas Station - Active Shooter
    16. Wenderly Hills Hotel - Active Shooter
    17. Gas Station - Bomb Threat
    18. Wenderly Hills Hotel - Bomb Threat
    19. Car Dealership - Bomb Threat
    20. Port Hokan - Bomb Threat
    21. Gas Station - Hostage Rescue
    22. Wenderly Hills Hotel - Hostage Rescue
    23. Port Hokan - Hostage Rescue
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