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  • image.thumb.png.81bbe9d80ed1d203c27dce91a138a064.png

    ARMA 3 KillKOG

    Kill KOG is a Community NON-COMPETITIVE Immersive Experience that is heavily asymmetrical. The intent behind Kill KOG is to provide the most immersive and realistic PvP gameplay experience for both sides, not necessarily the most balanced gameplay experience. KOG will "LARP" events as a conventional SOF element would, sticking together and using platoon tactics.

    1. BLUFOR ROE:
      • Until first contact is made, BLUFOR is allowed to engage ARMED individuals (including spotters and individuals who have been seen hiding their weapons).
      • Sandbagged/reinforced buildings and bunker emplacements are considered weapons/machines of war and can be engaged at anytime.
      • After contact is made ANY individuals identified maneuvering on the assault force (armed or not) are cleared to be engaged.
      • BLUFOR Assault Force MUST attack on one objective at a time.
    2. OPFOR ROE:
      • May engage at any time and at any BLUFOR assets
      • Do NOT look for the BLUFOR main base


    Server Info:

    Server: liberation.karmakut.com 

    Port: 5400

    Password: found in teamspeak

    Ping limit is set to 300 


    Teamspeak: liberation.karmakut.com

    Port: 9987
    Password for teamspeak: tactical




    OPFOR Pre-Slot list and info: OPFOR Pre-slots 

    Common Key binds: Common key-binds



    1. When are KillKOG events?
      • KillKOG events are the last saturday of every month. (can be cancelled due to various reasons, see discord announcements)
    2. What time do KillKOG events start?
    3. Can anyone participate in the KillKOG events?
      • Anyone can participate but only as OPFOR forces.
    4. How do i participate as OPFOR?
      • Some roles are locked behind permissions, those roles are Platoon Leader, Squad Leader. Anyone can show up at the time of the event and slot in an open OPFOR role that is not permission based.
    5. How do I acquire OPFOR Command perms?
    6. Is there a way to become part of KOG?
      • Yes, every so often we open up KOG applications, (there is no timetable for this, but based on needs/opens slots). When we are accepting KOG applications it will be announced here: Announcements  
    7. When is password given to OPFOR?
      • OPFOR players (non pre-slots) will slot into the teamspeak pre-load channels, an admin will pass along the password one channel at a time. This is to hopefully prevent server crash.



    • KillKOG events are not about winning and losing, only what happened. 
    • We expect all players to show respect and follow rules...Link: General rules 
    • Our events are moderated by zeus where activity and play will be monitored. If you are playing to ruin the experience of others you will be removed. 
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