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  • Butcher

    Standard Operating Procedures

    Karmakut Liberation

    SECTION 1: Purpose of Butcher

    Purpose of Butcher: 

    • Designated under callsign Butcher.
    • Butcher is a mechanized vehicle element, which applies to the following vehicles:
      • M2A2/3 Bradley variants
      • M6A2 Linebacker variants
      • HMMWV TOW variants
      • M1 Abrams variants
      • *LAV-25 (Gunner position only)
    • Butcher is a three-crew member element encompassing:
      • Vehicle Commander (1IC)
      • Vehicle Gunner (2IC)
      • Vehicle Driver 
    • Each Platoon will have the support of 2 Butcher assets.

    SECTION 2: Operations

    • Butcher will monitor 031(2).000 Long Range  
    • Butcher assets require x-6 or x-7 to deploy to the field.
    • Butcher assets must be attached to a squad by the respective PL.
      • In the event that a separate squad without a Butcher asset requires immediate response, the call for attachment/aid needs to go through PL.
        • Butcher commander can accept, prioritize, or deny requests based on their capabilities to support the current attached squad.
    • An infantry squad’s attached vehicle is to be tasked in tandem with the infantry.
      • Squad Leaders will have tactical command of the attached under strategic command of the PL.
      • Butcher Commander can accept or deny a Squad Leader's request if it will jeopardize the asset.
      • Vehicles are not authorized to be attached to a squad without an active Squad Leader.
      • Butcher assets will need to remain within a reasonable distance in order to quickly support its infantry squad.
    • Butcher assets require 2 crewmembers at a minimum to deploy, preferably 3 crewmembers.
    • Butcher's chain of command begins with the vehicle Commander is in charge of all souls onboard and its operations.
      • In a 2 crewmember, this responsibility falls to the Gunner. 
    • All targets must be properly identified (PID) and determine if its a threat (IFF) before engaging. This is the responsibility of every crewmember onboard. 
    • All crewmembers are responsible for the safety of the vehicle to include navigating over terrain, avoiding IEDs, and correctly positioning the vehicle for combat/support. 
    • Engaging civilian infrastructure with explosive ordinance is strictly prohibited unless cleared by PL or 6-6.

    SECTION 3: Disclaimer

    • 2 strikes equals a loss of Butcher Crew permissions. 
    • Any player can refuse an order given if it will cause them to break SOPs. (if this scenario occurs remind the parties involved of the SOP in a tactful manner. If needed reach out to an Admin to help mediate)
    • This server is an infantry-first combined arms experience, all Assets are in support of the infantry experience.
    • The intent of Butcher is to support the infantry and not to singlehandedly dominate the battlespace.
    • There is no set distance that a Butcher asset must remain alongside a squad given terrain. However, Butcher must be able to react and quickly respond to a squad.
      • If a Butcher asset fails to respond in a timely manner, Admin will take note of such situations and consider punitive actions.
    • Butchers Commanders must be able to prioritize calls for support from squads and confirm with PLs before detaching. Squad leaders must also be notified of attaching/detaching actions. 

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