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  • Motorized/Mechanized Infantry Squads

    Standard Operating Procedures

    Karmakut Liberation

    Last date update: 4/12/2023

    SECTION 1: Purpose of Motorized/Mechanized Infantry Squads

    1. Purpose of Motorized/Mechanized Infantry Squads
      • Assassin Squad Vehicles are assigned by Platoon Leaders to Squads to assist them performing their missions.
      • Squads become Mechanized Infantry Squads when attached an APC or IFV, vehicles include:
        • M1126 Stryker
        • LAV-25
        • M6 Linebacker
        • M2A3 Bradley
      • Squads become Motorized Infantry Squads when attached a soft-skin wheeled vehicle.
      • Mechanized Vehicles (APCs or IFVs) are explicitly assigned to Assassin Squads by their respective Platoon Leader.
        • In the absence of a Platoon Leader, Assassin Squads may utilize Motorized Vehicles at their discretion.
      • An Infantry Squad’s Attached Vehicle is to be tasked in tandem with its infantry.
        • Attached Vehicles fall under direct command of the Squad Leader.
      • Vehicles are not authorized to be used in the field without an active Squad Leader

    SECTION 2: Use of Mechanized Vehicles

    1. Use of Mechanized Vehicles
      • 2 IFV Crew permission holders are required to use IFVs.
        • Any Mechanized Vehicle with a weapon system higher caliber than .50 Cal is considered an IFV, otherwise it is an APC.
      • Vehicle HE ordinance must not be directly used to engage Civilian buildings.
      • The Operating Crew is responsible for returning the Vehicle.

    SECTION 3: Use of Motorized Vehicles

    1. Use of Motorized Vehicles
      • The Squad is responsible for returning the Vehicle.

    SECTION 4: Motorized/Mechanized Infantry Squads Disclaimers

    1. Disclaimer:
      • IFV Crew roles are permission-based and must be applied for.
        • Permissions are not needed to occupy the Commander seat.
      • 2 strikes equals a loss of IFV Crew permissions. {you may later reapply again for reinstating of permissions at the review of Community Staff}
      • Any player can refuse an order given if it will cause them to break SOPs. (if this scenario occurs remind the parties involved of the SOP in a peaceful manner. If needed reach out to an Admin to help mediate)
      • This server is an infantry-first combined arms experience, all Assets are in support of the infantry experience.


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