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  • Squad Leaders (SLs)

    Standard Operating Procedures

    Karmakut Liberation

    SECTION 1: Purpose of SLs

    • Designated under callsign 1-1/2/3/4-similar for second platoon.
    • Squad Leaders (SLs) ensure the intent of the Platoon Leader is met. SLs take the larger battle plan from PLs and formulate micro plans for their fireteam leaders (FTLs).
    • Some of these duties include:
      • Passing down rules of engagement (ROEs)
      • Setting up Vehicle drop-offs (VDOs)
      • Setting up Rally points (RPs)
      • Setting up Support by fire positions (SBFs)
      • Setting up Observation posts (OPs)

    SECTION 2 : Operations

    • SLs must monitor platoon net radio frequencies LR 31/32 (depending on platoon) and company net 30 (optional). Additionally, SLs must ensure they are on the correct SR frequency (see radio frequencies here).
    • SLs must ensure that their position on the field and within the squad is adequate to observe their fireteams and adjust as needed in order to increase survivability and squad lethality.
    • SLs must maneuver the fireteam to ensure effective targeting and fire control. As such, timely and succinct orders can aid in the movement of fireteams within the battlespace.
    • To ensure effective maneuvering, SLs must:
      • Avoid tunnel vision and take a broader look at engagements.
      • Prioritize casualties and collect squad ACE reports (A-Ammo, C-Casualties, E-Equipment).
        • Coordinate with Ogre, x-8, x-9, x-6 for resupply, air transport, medical aid, and leadership situational awareness-respectively .
      • Actively direct fire direction.
      • Maneuver fireteams within micro/macro terrain.
      • Adjust targets as the tactical environment shifts.
      • Consolidate and reorganize fireteams (personnel and ammunition).
    • SLs must communicate upwards to PL and laterally across other squads to ensure platoon integrity. Critical information includes:- ammunition status -enemy threats - casualties -fires/CAS support.
    • Situational Awareness (SA) is crucial to SLs on the field. Understanding the battlespace can:
      • Reduce blue on blue incidents.
      • Adjust fireteams to a dynamic battlespace.
      • Increase fireteam SA by passing down information to squad mates.

    SECTION 3: Disclaimer

    • SL roles are not permission-based, however:
    • Failure to follow SOPs can lead to server blacklisting.
    • Admin Team may remove you from SL roles at any time if they feel you are not performing well enough as a leader.
    • SL roles bridge together several important elements of the Company. If you do not feel capable in the roles, seek out guidance from other permission holders in the Server and Discord, and utilize the Training Server to practice with the equipment available. Several community resources are available in: Resources.


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