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  • Banshee

    Standard Operating Procedures

    Karmakut Liberation

    Last date update: 6/14/2023

    SECTION 1: Purpose of Banshee

    • Designated under callsign Banshee 1
    • Banshee is the quick reaction medical response team.
    • It is compromised of 3 Pararescue (PJ) members and 1 dedicated pilot in charge of the following:
      • Team Lead: Is in charge of coordinating the response through the proper frequencies and triaging patients, while also providing care. 
      • Two Trauma Specialists: Are in charge of responding to medical calls and supporting the TL and PL's intent. 
      • Pilot: Is in charge of maintaining and flying the aircraft, while also coordinating flight plans and landing zones. Pilot does not need Banshee perms but does need Rotary logistics and will utilize callsign Banshee 1/2 on 070.000 SR and 080.000 LR for identification.
    • Conducts Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) for downed pilots and missing personnel. 
    • Coordinates response to a mass casualty events with x-9s.

    SECTION 2: Operations

    • Banshee team members must monitor frequencies 039.000/031.000 long range and 190.000 for short range.
    • Primary role is to provide advanced med or when necessary Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC).
    • Banshee is not a direct-action element but will need to ensure the survival of patients and team members when extricating patients under fire.
      • Banshee may return fire and or defend themselves when danger is present from enemy forces. (But must return to a safe non-direct-action location when not providing medical aide).
    • Banshee is under direct command of Platoon Leader and works alongside x-9s to help triage patients and respond to calls. 
      • Tasking and requests for Banshee goes through SAR net 039.000 and Platoon net 031.000.
      • Banshee will remain on standby until receiving tasks from Platoon Leader.
        • Platoon Leader can task Platoon Medic to relay orders to Banshee.
        • An order given to Banshee from Platoon Medic is the same as coming directly from Platoon Leader.
          • Platoon Medic is NOT in charge of Banshee and Platoon Medic giving orders to Banshee that did not come from Platoon Leader will result in a Platoon Medic strike.

    Vehicle Operations

    • Banshee will have access to a ground vehicle specifically built for advanced medical care and an airborne vehicle.
    • If no Banshee pilot:
      • Banshee must coordinate with 1-8 on 80 if fast transport or an air lift is required.
      • Troop transport and logistics remain as priorities for Stalkers, but tasking may be rerouted by x-8s for Banshee transport.
    • The Banshee pilot:
      • MH-60 Pave Hawk is a Banshee exclusive asset.
        • Banshee pilot may use a stalker asset but must get permission from 1-8 for use.
          • When operating the Pavehawk or Stalker asset, it is not to be used for troop transport. Only for Banshee transportation and medvac patients.
      • The Pararescue Pave Hawk is not to be used by Stalker elements in any circumstance.
      • Banshee pilots will operate under direction of TACP at all times when available.
        In absence of TACP, Company Command or Platoon Leaders may also direct the Banshee pilot.
      • All aircraft will remain within the map boundaries and protect airframes by remaining over friendly territory while not on mission.
      • Banshee pilots must monitor Long Range Tactical Air Direction (TAD) net 080.000 and Short Range 070.000.
      • All aircraft must communicate over active TAD net on Long Range Radio.
      • The pilot of the aircraft has the final say in aircraft deployment and safety. Neither the Company Commander nor TACPs can order a pilot to risk their aircraft to danger if the pilot deems it not safe for the airframe or their life.
      • It is the responsibility of the Pilot to determine and use safe landing locations. Platoon TACP may designate LZs for Pilots to use, however the Pilot may determine the LZ to be unsafe and request or use another.
      • Landings are to be conducted in a safe and controlled manner appropriate to the threat level of the LZ.
      • The Pilot of the aircraft is responsible for coordinate with Ogre to repair any damage that occurs to an aircraft while in use. A damaged aircraft shall be towed to the nearest repair option and not operated until the damage is repaired and the aircraft is safe for operation.


    SECTION 3: Disclaimer

    • The primary function of Banshee is advanced emergency medical assistance. Sustained combat in the role will result in a strike.
    • Medevac and pavehawk are banshee only assets. 
    • Application for Banshee prerequires a successful x-9 examination.  
    • The team is only allowed to deploy when x-6s or x-7s are present AND when the Banshee Team Lead and at least one Trauma Specialist are slotted. 
    • Crew Dismounting an asset in the field to avoid AI attacks is considered meta gaming.


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