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  • Combat Engineer Squad

    Standard Operating Procedures

    Last updated: 3/12/2024

    Karmakut Liberation

    SECTION 1: Combat Engineer

    1. Purpose of Combat Engineer Specialist.
      • Designated under callsign Goblin
      • Combat Engineers are responsible for:
        • detecting, locating, rendering safe, and disposal of explosive threats.
        • Digging trenches for strategic advantages. (Only unit that can dig trenches).
        • Clearing terrain by chopping down trees.
      • Combat Engineer (Goblin) receives orders directly from Company Command & Platoon Leaders for tasking.

    SECTION 2: Operations

    1. Operating as Goblin
      • Goblin MUST monitor the following frequencies:
        • Short range 044.000.
        • Long range 030.000 (Company net) & Alternate Long range 031.000.
      • Goblin consists of a 9-man unit.
        • Squad Leader- Commander of Goblin unit, directs internally creating strategic planning for execution of tasking given by Company Command or Platoon Leader.
          • Team Leader Alpha- Second in command (2IC) helps in execution of orders.
          • Combat Engineer
          • Combat Engineer
          • Medic
            • Team Leader Bravo
            • Combat Engineer
            • Combat Engineer
            • Medic
      • Goblin unit require Squad Leader at a minimum to deploy.
        • If only member in Goblin, that member must attach to another infantry-based squad.
          • Utilizes the M1132 (SMP/M2) Mine sweeper Stryker.

    SECTION 3: Command Disclaimer

    1. Disclaimer:
      • Admin Team may blacklist you at any time if they feel you are not performing well enough.
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