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  • Odin

    Standard Operating Procedures

    Karmakut Liberation

    Last date update: 4/12/2023

    SECTION 1: Purpose of Odin

    1. Purpose of Odin: 
    • Designated under callsign Odin.
    • Odin is the main administrative element of the Server.
    • Odin fills both an overall supportive role for maintaining game flow, and referee role for mediating player disputes and ensuring compliance to rules/SOPs for a fair play environment.
    • Odin may act as 'Battalion Command' holding rank over all Company leadership where they feel it necessary for maintaining the health of the server and overall enjoyment of players.

    SECTION 2: Operations

    1. Liberation Server Duties:
    • Manage gameplay and ensure players are abiding by server rules and SOPs.
    • Limit involvement with AI:
      • Avoid recklessly spawning AI to include single or group compositions without either self-assessing the battlefield or communicating with other Odins.
        • To further this point, spawning enemies should be based in respect to their capabilities - whether that is server or real life based is a choice that should be dynamically considered depending upon many factors - with the main one being whether there is an EVENT warranting the spawning of any units.
        • Odin's role is never to 'beat' the players at the game especially since they hold unequal situational awareness. They act as impartial Game Masters to the best of their ability to ensure an ample and enjoyable challenge without it feeling hopeless.
    • Meaning: Odins should place player enjoyment above their own, any actions they take must be done with player enjoyment in mind. 
      • 'Remote controlling' AI is NOT allowed (see disclaimer)
    • Teleporting Players:
      • Teleporting players is only allowed during Special Operations put on by Admin team or if an Admin is teleporting a player away to resolve any issues (disputes, perms strikes, etc.)
        • Do not teleport players due to disconnection and do not teleport players for any Arsenal gear they may have forgotten. (similar to pilots who disconnect, we might not refund the asset, or strike them.)
    • Odin will need to step in when necessary to fix issues with AI, such as removing vehicles that are stuck or "glitched". This will often be performed 'off-screen' to players, though this may not always be possible.
      • Odin will also place any AI that they call upon away from any prying eyes, meaning that should a group composition need to be placed behind a mountain, it will be placed behind that mountain.
        • To further this point; AI being spotted by players as they spawn are not only immersion breaking, but the players themselves remain within their rights to communicate this "pop-up group" to the appropriate channels. AI can be engaged the moment it is actualized in the 3D space.
    • Respond to player calls (Pings) in a timely manner:
      • Multiple outstanding Pings may occur at once, players and Odins should seek to work through these requests in an orderly fashion. cTab texting or a general side chat post may help catch Odin attention in these situations.
      • If a slotted Odin expects to be away from keyboard (AFK) for an extended period, they should announce this and their return on global side chat or similar.
      • Odins must respond to each request with appropriate care and professionalism following internal guidelines.
        • If conflict arises beyond this, Odins and/or players must escalate to Community Staff (CS) for mediation.
    • Odin may at their discretion replace or provide Assets. This should primarily be done to address glitches from the game or for the running of an Op/Odin-lead content, and should take into account maintaining overall balance of economy and current Company resources/map progress.
    • Handling events on the live server (OPs):
      • Should an Odin want to conduct an event on the server that is grander in scale than simple operations (differ from normal Liberation gameplay), then this Odin will route the event to the appropriate channels and acquire clearance for such operations. 
        • Meaning: Both an event description and an ISR will be pushed through these avenues to whomever must be in the know - at minimum being the Operations Lead for Karmakut Liberation Events.
          • Mini Operations can be conducted by ODIN but command elements must be informed of the situation and that normal Liberation gameplay is being changed.
            • Mini Operations can only be conducted every so often (every 4-5 days).
      • Mandatory for event/operation to take place:
        • Odin(s) must inform command elements of operation details and possible scenarios. (as these will/may deter normal gameplay).
    • These events being but not limited to: snatch & grabs, small supply cache denial/seizure, or anything that would majorly influence the flow of gameplay for that server restart.
      • Odin can only play as OPFOR during special operation events.
        • Odin will not abuse playing on OPFOR however. All actions taken as OPFOR should be done to be more in line with reminding players of unit cohesion and to promote the utilization of tactics from Company leadership down to the individual rifleman.
          • Meaning: Odin will not play as OPFOR for the enjoyment of mindless PvP, but to engage with players in a meaningful manner that will result in a better experience for all involved.

    ODIN loadouts:

    • Do not switch side to OPFOR unless doing a special operation, (see section details).
    • Gear loadouts should be comparable to current gear that players have access to.

    SECTION 3: Disclaimer

    1. Disclaimer:
    • Odin members are volunteers selected for their ongoing commitment to the community and interest in maintaining and building the health of the game as a whole.
      • CS may post occasionally seeking applications for Odin positions in relevant News channels in the Discord.
      • The only time an Admim (odin) can remotely control AI is during an event/operation. 
    • Odins are people too, they may make mistakes. If you would like to reach out about the conduct of an Odin, message a Community Staff member directly with as much info about the situation as you can.
      • Odins are also players of the game too, if an Admin is playing not in an Odin slot then players must be understanding that requests may take more time to respond to. Admins and Players should seek to balance handling these requests when time and situation allows.
    • Verbally attacking an Odin or Player is never acceptable and any such conflict should be immediately be escalated to a CS.
    • An admin must be slotted into a company role if they wish to participate in liberation gameplay. Odin slot is for zeusing only. (Exception large scale Operation events).

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