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  • Ogre

    Standard Operating Procedures

    Karmakut Liberation

    Last date update: 4/26/2023

    SECTION 1: Purpose of Ogre

    • Designated under callsign Ogre.
    • Ogre is a five-member team responsible for combat logistics, ground transport, explosives and demolition.
    • Ogre falls under direct command of Company Commander 6-6 but may be tasked by x-6/x-7 in their absence.
      • Under 50 players and without a Platoon Leader but enough players for combat operations with a Squad Leader, Ogre may be tasked by the Squad Leader for logistics and transport operations.
      • If there are not enough players for combat operations, the primary function of Ogre is collecting supplies from factories with active production facilities and a storage pad.


    SECTION 2: Operations

    • Ogre team members must monitor frequencies 30/34 long range and 450 for short range.
    • Logistics operations:
      • The primary logistic mission is to establish a clear supply line to front lines in support of infantry operations. As such, Ogre team members should take initiative by allocating general resupply crates for each platoon in advance in order to expedite request from x-6/x-7 or special requests based on infantry needs.
        • The special weapons crates pulled by Squad Leads, Platoon Leads and Company Commanders are to be managed and coordinated for resupply by Ogre. Ogre should be informed by SLs, PLs, and CCs when they resupply those crates. The special weapons resupplies may be included within a general resupply, or as a separate resupply mission.
        • All resupplies should be conducted in a timely manner and deployed with either a troop reinsertion or as a designated resupply. mission
    • Supply production and collection:
      • To start production a factory, a supply pad must be built and factory productions set to the needs of the company by a builder (someone with build permissions). If there's no builder present, request assistance from Odin. Ogre may expand a factories production capability (adding AMMO production at a SUPPLY factory) with permission from 6-6.  
        • Builders may access the production settings from FOBs or from near a production facility.
      • Ogre can request builders for an update of supplies available from each factory to manage the collection of supplies.
      • Personnel transport is also a  key function of Ogre. As such, proper coordination is needed across several frequencies and platoon elements.  
        • Appropriate vehicles from the motor pool should be used to transport troops from FOB to a DZ designated by x-6/x-7.
        • X-6/x-7 may coordinate with Ogre to move troops from a standoff LZ to a designated DZ closer to the front.
          • Coordination with x-8s may also be required for "two-leg" insertions whereby the first leg is conducted by air then followed by land. this is often conducted when the airspace is compromised and LZs need to be retrograded.
    • Vehicle Management:
      • Ogre is responsible for making sure that all vehicles are in acceptable working condition.
      • If a vehicle in the field becomes damaged, Ogre should request a status report on condition of the vehicle.
        • If lightly damaged and does not require wheels or tracks, the vehicle crew should attempt to fix that vehicle. If the vehicle crew is unavailable, or there is no attached vehicle crew with toolkit, an Ogre Engineer is responsible for returning the vehicle to an operable state.
        • If the vehicle is tracked or has lost wheel and is inoperable, after the attached squad has secured the area, Ogre will deploy to the area and provide the necessary fixes.
        • If the vehicle is heavily damaged, Ogre may use discretion in whether to bring out a Repair HEMTT or tow the vehicle back to base and make repairs in the FOB.
      • Ogre is responsible for management and organization of vehicles within the FOB Motor Pool.
    • Combat engineering:
      • Ogre may be tasked by 6-6 to clear a route ahead of a convoy by utilizing mine detectors and defusal kits to ensure the route is clear of mines and IEDs.
      • X-6/x-7 may task Ogre to carry out controlled detonations of enemy vehicles.
      • X-6/X-7 may task OGRE to Deploy explosives in a strategic manner to block/ eliminate enemy movement.
      • OGRE will be able to utilize the following explosives:
        • M112
        • M112 (x4)
        • M15 Anti-Tank Mine
        • M18A1 Claymore
        • M4A1 SLAM
      • Similarly, Ogre can be used for counter improvised explosive device (C-IED), UXO removal, and de-mining operations
      • The M1132 (SMP/M2) can be used by OGRE.


    SECTION 3: Disclaimer

    • Ogre is not a combat unit. Sustained combat in the role will result in a strike. 
    • The Ogre team is not permission based but any actions outside of these SOPs and server rules will be deemed in violation of standards and subsequent punitive action may take place. 
    • Given the scope of combat logistics, Ogre is allowed to deploy without minimum team requirements so long as they are performing Ogre duties designated within the SOPs. 
    • Ogre Medic must deploy with Ogre Team and prioritize team first and cannot deploy as an Assassin medic attachment. 

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