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Permissions System Overview and Applications


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Karmakut Liberation

Permissions System

Purpose of the system

Certain Roles and Assets (Air/Ground) on the Server are restricted behind a Permission System because they can significantly impact the experience of other players on the server or take significant work by multiple players to prepare such Assets. All Perms are require an application and short written exam to demonstrate core competency and knowledge of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The Perms are as follows:

Role: Company Command, Platoon Leadership, Platoon Medic, Air Controller (TACP)
Asset: Armor, Rotary Transport, Rotary CAS, Fixed Wing CAS, Phantom, Banshee

The Process

  • Role Perm exams are available 24/7. Air/Armor Perm applications are not open 24/7, check #news in Discord for updates.
  • For Role Perm applications: Click the Exam links below and fill in to the best of your ability.
  • For Asset Perm applications (when open):
    • Submit the Air/Armor Application Form linked below.
    • If you have provided the correct details (Steam/Discord ID, and In-Game Name), you will then be contacted with links to the specific Air/Armor Asset Exams. Fill those in to the best of your ability.
  • Ensure your Direct Messages (DMs) are Open on Discord so Admins may easily contact you.
  • Your exam submission will be graded Pass or Fail by an Admin.
    • If you Pass, you will have access to that Role/Asset starting next Server Restart (provided you gave the correct Steam ID).
    • If you Fail, you will be informed by an Admin and must wait 14 days before applying again for the 24/7 open roles. All other perm failures will have to wait until the next window opens. Do study the resources above if you fail the exam.
  • Only one application per person at a time! Excessive applications will be deleted.
  • Note: Ensure you click through all 'Submit' prompts to avoid an unsent application. If you have not heard from an Admin after 14 days, you may reapply.
  • Note: Rotary Logi, Rotary CAS and Fixed Wing CAS exams require a video recording submission to demonstrate competency for one of the questions, read the details in the exam carefully.

Expectations as a Perm Holder

  • Perm Holders must think situations through, act with care, and comply with SOPs
  • Asset Perm Holders:
    • Those applying for Air CAS Perms must also apply and be accepted for Air Transport Perm.
    • Those applying for Phantom Perms must also hold the Platoon TACP Perm and the Platoon Leadership Perm.
    • Those applying for Banshee Perms must also hold the Platoon Medic and the Platoon Leadership Perms.
    • You are expected to assist with Logistics runs to build the Vehicles that you use.
  • You are expected to understand your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
    • Liberation is NOT the place for training, you can practice on the Training Server and studying the Training Material.
    • You have 2 Strikes from breaking SOPs or having a bad attitude unbecoming of a good community member before your Perms are removed. Strikes may be given by any Admin for any reason an Admin deems deserves one.
  • You are expected to have played a reasonable minimum time of a few sessions on this Server (not just Arma) to understand how Liberation and the overall customized experience of this Server works.
  • Despite receiving Permissions for all Air vehicles, you shall not operate vehicles for which you have not applied for. This is tracked by Admins and you will have Perms removed for operating vehicles you have not applied for.
  • This server is an infantry-first combined arms experience, all Assets are in support of the infantry experience.


APPLY HERE for Air/Armor/Phantom: Air/Armor/Phantom/Banshee Application Form


Company Command: Exam Form
Platoon Leader: Exam Form
Platoon TACP: Exam Form
Platoon Medic: Exam Form


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