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  • Close Air Support (CAS/CAP)

    Standard Operating Procedures

    Karmakut Liberation

    Last date update: 6/19/2023

    SECTION 1: Purpose of CAS/CAP

    1. Purpose of Air CAS/CAP :
      • Air CAS/CAP are designated under callsign Demon and Reaper.
      • Demon is authorized to operate the following assets:
        • OH-6A (M27/rockets)
        • UH-1C/M21 Iroquois (M158/M134)
        • UH-1C/M6 Iroquois (1AC/Special)
        • ACH-47A Guns-a-go-go
      • Reaper is authorized to operate the following assets:
        • A-1H Skyraider (EHCAS)
        • F-4E Phantom II (CAS)
        • A-7D Corsair II (CAS)*
        • B-52 BOMBER*
          • * Aircraft requires pilot AND co-pilot for flight operations.
    • Demon and Reaper will operate under direction of TACPs at all times.

    SECTION 2: Close Air Support SOPs

    1. Use of Air CAS Aircraft:
      • All aircraft will remain within the map boundaries and protect airframes by remaining over friendly territory while not on mission.
      • Air Demon and Reaper must monitor Long Range Tactical Air Direction (TAD) net 080.000 and Short Range 070.000.
        • All fire missions will be coordinated through Platoon TAD net 081.000, 082.000.
      • Aircraft with a dedicated Weapons Officer seat, require an active Pilot and Weapons Officer.
      • Aircraft must check in with TACPs and provide at the minimum:
        • Aircraft type
        • Armament on board
        • Time of station (fuel)
        • Position and altitude
          • Due to the 24/7 operability of the server, there is a likelihood that you will be checking in for TACPs recently entering the server, or yourself as an initial server check in. 
      • In the event of a shootdown, Search And Rescue (SAR) net 039.000 is to be used to coordinate rescue efforts.
      • Pilots, TACPs, and Platoon Leaders are responsible for minimizing collateral damage to Civilian infrastructure.
      • All HE fire missions within 200m of Civilian infrastructure or friendly positions require authorization from Platoon Leader and 6-6 (can overrule requests).
      • For non-HE fire missions, danger-close approval is NOT required from Platoon Leader provided that BLUFOR and Civilian persons are at least 100m away from targeted area.
      • The Pilot of the aircraft has the final say in aircraft deployment and safety. Neither the Platoon Leader nor TACPs can order a Pilot to risk their aircraft to danger if the pilot deems it not safe for the airframe or their life.
      • The Pilot of the aircraft is responsible for coordinating with Ogre to repair any damage that occurs to an aircraft while in use. This shall be done in a safe manner. A damaged aircraft shall be towed to the nearest repair option and not operated until the damage is repaired and the aircraft is safe for operation.
      • It is HIGHLY suggested to run supply logistics (either via Ogre or Stalker), especially for any assets lost in the field.
      • CAS/CAP (Reaper/Demon) can only be coordinated when a TACP is present.

    SECTION 3: Calls for support

    1. Communication
      • When receiving a CAS/CAP mission from Platoon TACPs, expect the following radio etiquette:
        • Location of target (Grid reference, map markers)
        • Target type (be as specific as possible)
        • Munitions type
        • Distances to nearest friendlies or civilian targets
        • Readback for Confirmation
          • Although CAS 9-lines are not enforced, check with either party if they are comfortable with such operations.
    2. Execution
      • Once terminal clearance is given, attack aircraft must announce the commencement and completion of each engagement. 
      • Terminal clearance must be given for every engagement and aircraft must ensure they are engaging targets that have been cleared by TACPs.
      • Lasers/Sparkles:
        • Secondary aircraft lasing ("buddy laze") must be coordinated through the x-8.
          • Laser code change request must be conducted by the TACP in order to ensure a successful "spot lase" within the terminal cycle.
          • TACPs must ensure a proper laser environment for terminal aircraft and can deny "buddy lasing" if it compromises aircraft. 

    SECTION 4: Disclaimers

    1. Disclaimer:
      • Demon can be used to transport infantry but must be tasked by x-8
        • Transport only
        • Reaper cannot transport infantry.
      • Air Reaper and Demon roles are permission-based and must be applied for.
        • All Reaper and Demon perm holders must also apply for Rotary Logistics perms and be comfortable using those assets.
      • 2 strikes equals a loss of Air Asset permissions. {you may later reapply again for reinstating of permissions at the review of Community Staff}
      • Any player can refuse an order given if it will cause them to break SOPs. (if this scenario occurs remind the parties involved of the SOP in a peaceful manner. If needed reach out to an admin to help mediate)
      • This server is an infantry-first combined arms experience, all Assets are in support of the infantry experience.
      • Passing Fixed Wing gives you access to slot Chevy
      • Crew dismounting an asset in the field to avoid AI attacks is considered meta gaming.


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