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  • Air Logistics

    Standard Operating Procedures

    Karmakut Liberation

    Last date update: 6/17/2023

    SECTION 1: Purpose of Air Logistics

    1. Purpose of Air Logistics:
      • Air Logistics are designated under callsign Stalker.
      • Stalker is responsible for moving reinserts and supplies from place to place as required by the current company objective, as designated by Company Command.
      • Stalker is authorized to operate the following assets:
        • OH-6A
        • UH-1H Iroquois
        • CH-34 Choctaw M60
        • CH-34 Choctaw (Cargo)
        • HH-53B Super Jolly Green Giant
      • Stalker will operate under direction of TACPs at all times when available.
        • In absence of TACPs, Company Command or Platoon Leaders (x-6/7) may also direct Stalker elements.
        • Rotary Transports/Logistics may be used when there is no TACPs/Leadership slotted, though must fly under TACPs/Leadership direction when available.

    SECTION 2: Use of Air Logistics

    1.  Use of transport & logistics aircraft:
      • All aircraft will remain within the map boundaries and protect airframes by remaining over friendly territory while not on mission.
      • Stalker must monitor Long Range Tactical Air Direction (TAD) net 080.000 and Short Range 070.000.
        • All aircraft must communicate over active TAD net on Long Range Radio.
      • In the event of a shootdown, Search And Rescue (SAR) net 039.000 is to be used to coordinate rescue efforts.
      • Transportation operations take priority over other operations.
      • The Pilot of the aircraft has the final say in aircraft deployment and safety. Neither the Company Commander nor TACPs can order a Pilot to risk their aircraft to danger if the pilot deems it not safe for the airframe or their life.
      • It is the responsibility of the Pilot to determine and use safe landing locations. Platoon TACP may designate LZs for Pilots to use, however the Pilot may determine the LZ to be unsafe and request or use another.
        • Landings are to be conducted in a safe and controlled manner appropriate to the threat level of the LZ.
      • The Pilot of the aircraft is responsible for coordinate with Ogre to repair any damage that occurs to an aircraft while in use. A damaged aircraft shall be towed to the nearest repair option and not operated until the damage is repaired and the aircraft is safe for operation.
      • Paradrop Operations are permitted using Rotary Transports without Odin oversight. (Note that the unexpected may occur so it may be helpful to have an Odin present)
      • Airlifting of occupied vehicles is prohibited.
      • The Pararescue UH-1D Iroquois (Medevac) is not to be used by Stalker elements in any circumstance.
      • It is HIGHLY suggested to run supply logistics (either via Ogre or Stalker), especially for any assets lost in the field.

    SECTION 3: Fixed Wing Transports Chevy

    1. Fixed Wing Transports follow the same regulations as Rotary Transport aircraft with the following added restrictions:
      • Fixed Wing Transports are designated under callsign Chevy.
      • Chevy is authorized to operate the following assets:
        • Cessna T-41 (Recon Plane)
        • C-130H (Transport)
        • C-130H/cargo (Cargo)
        • KA-6D Intruder
        • 0-2A Skymaster (used for flying with FAC-A/TACP)
          • This is the only asset that can be used for flying with FAC-A/TACP
      • Chevy aircraft require x-8
      • Transportation operations take priority over other operations.
      • Chevy can provide aerial reconnaissance but can only be done using the KA-6D Intruder,and or C-1A Trader.
        • Not a Forward Observer.

    SECTION 4: Air Logistics Disclaimers

    1. Disclaimer:
      • Air Logistics roles are permission-based and must be applied for.
      • 2 strikes equals a loss of Air Asset permissions. (you may later reapply again for reinstating of permissions at the review of Community Staff)
      • Any player can refuse an order given if it will cause them to break SOPs. (if this scenario occurs remind the parties involved of the SOP in a peaceful manner. If needed reach out to an admin to help mediate)
      • Passing Rotary/Logi does not give you access to slot Chevy. (Must pass Fixed Wing exam)
      • Crew Dismounting an asset in the field to avoid AI attacks is considered meta gaming.


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