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  • AT Team Wraith

    Standard Operating Procedures

    Karmakut Liberation

    Last date update: 7/31/2023

    SECTION 1: Purpose of AT Team Wraith

    1. Purpose of AT Team Wraith: 
    • Designated under callsign Wraith.
    • Wraith Squad is a specialized support unit that attach to regular Assassin Squads, and Butcher for providing fire support and utility.
      • Specializes in utilization M-274(M40) Mule.
        • Wraiths squad consists of:
          • Squad Leader
          • AT Specialist
          • Assistant AT Specialist
    • Wraith Squads are not self-dependent and require to be given authorized tasking from Company Commander (6-6), Platoon Leader {x-6, x-7}. Wraith Squad Leader handles assigning Wraith units per tasking.
      • If there is no Wraith Squad Leader slotted, Platoon Leader {x-6, x-7} may designate Wraith unit assignments directly.
      • If there is no Platoon Leader {x-6, x-7} or Company Commander slotted, Wraith Squad Leader may self-determine tasking in consultation with the other active Squad leadership in their Platoon.

    SECTION 2: Operations

    • Wraith must monitor Short Range 043.000 for coordination from their Squad Leader.
    • Wraith must monitor Long Range 030.000 net and sets alternate Long-Range frequency to the Platoon Wraith gets attached to.
    • Wraith is a direct combat unit but must be attached to another direct combat unit (listed below):
      • Assassin squads
      • Butcher
    • Must be at least 2 Wraith members slotted to be operational.
    • Once attached, Wraith falls under that unit's tasking.
    • When resupply is needed, Wraith units should coordinate with Company Command, and Platoon Leader to ensure correct equipment is prepared.
      • In absence of PL, and CC, Wraith may direct communicate with OGRE for resupply.
    • The members of a Wraith unit must operate as a team and share the same overall tasking.

    Asset Utilization:

    • Wraith will be the only unit to have access to the following:
      • M-274 (M40) Mule


    SECTION 3: Disclaimer

    1. Disclaimer:
      • Any player can refuse an order given if it will cause them to break SOPs. (if this scenario occurs remind the parties involved of the SOP in a peaceful manner. If needed reach out to an admin to help mediate)
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