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  • Building Permissions


    Karmakut Liberation

    Asset build costs may be viewed here: Asset Build Costs

    Last date update: 4/12/2023

    SECTION 1: Build Permissions Overview

    1. Assist Leadership
      • Build Members are to assist Assassin 6-6 with building assets. {or 1-6, 1-7 if no slotted 6-6}
        • All build requests go through the highest slotted command for approval.
      • Transport and logistic vehicles MUST be prioritized over armor and air assets.
      • If a Build Member feels resources and assets are being wasted, the build member has the right to deny commands requests.
      • Build members must have permission from command to build, using Build perms on your own accord will result in loss of perms. {see disclaimer}
      • If an #isr post has a list of assets to build that MUST take priority over all requests. {only Odin can approve non-ISR assets}
    2. Assisting the Admin Team
      • Build Members are not moderators, having Build permissions are a privilege and can be revoked at any time.
      • If you are unsure or you are being harassed about building assets, reach out to an Odin. If no Odin is available, try to reach out to an Admin in discord.
      • It is encouraged {not forced} when Build members are playing to try and follow how assets are lost. This may help inform your decision to accept or deny build requests.
    3. Admin Team Expectations
      • Receiving Build perms means an Admin(s) has personally vouched for you. This means you have the high integrity and competency we can trust.
      • Build Members are not above community members in any way, and posing yourself above will result in loss of Build perms.
    4. Liberation Community Expectations
      • Community members trust that Build Members will be fair and unbiased in their decisions.
      • Build Members should encourage all that ask for assets to help in logistics runs. This especially includes players that primarily choose to only utilize assets. This does not mean you can force anyone to run logistics.

    SECTION 2: Building FOBs

    1. Building Overview:
      • Build members are allowed to help create FOBs. {this does not apply to any operations base or FOB that was created by the Dev Team}
      • Build members can only help create a FOB if granted permission. {see Disclaimer}
      • In a scenario of FOB defense, Build members must get authorization for any defenses, you can not act on your own accord. {see Disclaimer}
    2. Priority of Buildings for new FOBs:
      • Arsenal Boxes
      • Repair Container
      • Ammo Container
      • Fuel Container
      • Resupply Point (Crate Puller)
      • CCP
      • M978A4-B HEMTT Fuel
      • M977A4-B HEMTT Flatbed (If not previously built)
      • Transportation for the company (Ground transportation comes before Air)
      • ANYTHING not on this build list for a new FOB must be approved by Odin (No exceptions)
    3. Additional Notes
      • Air Control Tower, and Helipads are needed for Rotary assets.
      • Tent Hangers are needed for Fixed Wing assets.

    SECTION 3: Disclaimers

    • ALL permissions granted to build are from Assassin 6-6 {1-6, 1-7 may give permissions if no slotted 6-6}. The one and only exception from this is when there are no Assassin 6-6, or Platoon Command slotted. In that case you may use your best judgement.
      • Odin (Admin) can overrule any commands build approval if they feel it's in the best interest of the server.
    • Build members will be held accountable for recklessly building assets in a scenario where Company Command and Platoon Leadership are not slotted. {In those scenarios Build members should only build what is needed not wanted, assets for transportation come first]
    • Build perms are not application based.
    • Community Staff decide whether or not to add more Build Members.


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