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  • Platoon Medic

    Standard Operating Procedures

    Karmakut Liberation

    Last date update: 7/31/2023

    SECTION 1: Purpose

    1. Designated under callsign Assassin 1-9.
      • Platoon Medic is responsible for all Assassin Squad Medics in their Platoon, coordinating safe Casualty Collection Points (CCPs).
      • Responsible for coordinating Assassin Squads Medic response and support in an Area of Operations designated by Company Commander.
      • Platoon Medic coordinate calls for MEDEVACs through Support Elements with Platoon TACP when present.
      • Platoon Medic tasks and receives casualty reports through Squad Medics when present and provide support/response as needed.
      • Platoon Medic is relied upon to call for resupply which may be coordinated through Company Command, Platoon TACP, or Ogre if available.

    SECTION 2: Operations

    1. Operating as Platoon Medic:
      • Platoon Medic must monitor Long Range SAR net 039.000, Long Range 031.000 and Short Range 160.000 at all times no exceptions.
      • Platoon Medics are not combat units and should only be in combat to defend themselves.
      • There must be a Squad Leader respective to their platoon slotted for that Platoon Medic to be in the field.
      • It is the responsibility of the Platoon Medic to make sure all slotted Medics in their Platoon are monitoring SAR net 039.000.
      • Platoon Medic is responsible for making sure all Medics in their Platoon have enough medical supplies to aide all elements needing medical attention.
        • If resupplies are needed the Platoon Medic must relay this information to Platoon Leaders to organize resupply.
      • The Platoon Medic will also coordinate with Banshee when responding to mass casualty events or other extenuating circumstances such combat search and rescue of downed pilots. 
      • Platoon Leader can task Platoon Medic to relay orders to Banshee.
      • An order given to Banshee from Platoon Medic is the same as coming directly from Platoon Leader.
        • Platoon Medic is NOT in charge of Banshee and Platoon Medic giving orders to Banshee that did not come from Platoon Leader will result in a Platoon Medic strike.
      • The Platoon Medic should assume command if both Platoon Leadership members are unconscious. Platoon Medic is responsible for stabilizing leadership, working with Squad Leads to get support to deal with the situation, and halt the Platoon's push.
      • The only time a Platoon Medic should be on the front lines is if providing medical assistance if called upon.
      • Platoon Medic has access to CCP tent. 
        • Platoon medic cannot operate the medevac vehicle but may attend to wounded inside the vehicle if assistance is needed.


    SECTION 4: Platoon Leadership Elements Disclaimer

    1. Disclaimer:
      • Platoon Medic role is a permission-based and must be applied for.
      • Platoon Medic are not administrators and must follow the Server Rules and Standard Operating Procedures, failure to do so may result in loss of perms and/or further administrative actions.
      • Medevac and pavehawk are banshee only assets.
      • Odin will not replace tent for any reason which includes any ARMA related issues.
      • 2 strikes equals a loss of Platoon Medic permissions. {you may later reapply again for reinstating of permissions at the review of Community Staff}
        • Admin Team may remove your permissions at any time if they feel you are not performing well enough as a leader.
      • If you do not feel capable in the roles, seek out guidance from other permission holders in the Server and Discord, and utilize the Training Server to practice with the equipment available. Several community resources are available in: Resources


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