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  • Viper

    Standard Operating Procedures

    Karmakut Liberation

    Last date update:8/29/2023

    SECTION 1: Purpose of Viper

    1. Purpose of Viper: 
    • Designated under callsign Viper.
    • Viper is a 2-man sniper team that specialize in the utilization of telescopic rifles.
      • Both role slots must be filled. 
        • If only 1-Viper team member, that member can be operational but must attach to an infantry unit.

    SECTION 2: Operations

    • Viper follows priority missions designated by Company Commander (6-6).
      • In absence of Company Command, Viper follows orders designated by Platoon Leader (x-6, x-7).
        • Priority missions are not limited but Viper cannot not CQB (close quarter combat) and clear buildings.
          • Viper will maneuver in stealth and engage targets at range.
            • Viper can set targets at their own accord but must follow orders from 6-6, x-6, x-7 when given a priority target.
    • Viper must monitor Long-Range Company net 030.000 and Long-Range Platoon net 031.000.
      • Since Viper does not have a LR, they can be tasked to attach and or have to find an RTO periodically to check in and receive new orders.
    • Viper can identify proper Observation Posts (OP), conduct surveillance while remaining undetected, provide marksman overwatch, path find for the Platoon.
    • Viper may be tasked with scouting the routes ahead for threats (e.g. mines, OPFOR) and situational information then report that information to Platoon Leadership to inform their planning.
      • For ground observations, Viper must provide at minimum (SALUTE brief): Size, Activity, Location, Unit Type, Time, and Equipment of observed OPFOR. 
    • Viper also may assist Platoon x-8s with ground-based intel to inform the selection of LZs.
      • For LZ observations, Viper must provide at minimum: Egress/ingress routes, obstructions (powerline, trees, structures, etc.), terrain features (pinnacle landing, sloped terrain, etc.).
    • Viper may serve as a forward observer for call for fire missions (CFF)
      • If tasked to observe a call for fire mission, Viper can set alternate long-range radio to 081.000 (CFF net).
        • Viper is only a forward observer for call for fire missions (CFF), Viper cannot task a CFF mission.
    • The following asset(s) is Viper use only:
      • M-151 (Patrol)

    SECTION 3: Disclaimer

    1. Disclaimer:
      • Viper roles are permission-based and must be applied for.
        • To be able to apply for Viper, Platoon x-8 and Platoon Leader permissions are a pre-requisite.
          • Viper perms are acquired by passing a Phantom exam.
    • 2 strikes equals a loss of Viper permissions. {you may later reapply again for reinstating of permissions at the review of Community Staff}
      • Admin Team may remove your permissions at any time if they feel you are not performing well enough as a leader.
    • Any player can refuse an order given if it will cause them to break SOPs. (if this scenario occurs remind the parties involved of the SOP in a peaceful manner. If needed reach out to an admin to help mediate).
    • Viper requires an advanced understanding of battlefield tactics, surveillance techniques (to include PID of forces AND vehicles), and clandestine procedures.
      • If you do not feel capable in the role, seek out guidance from other permission holders in the Server and Discord, and utilize the Training Server to practice with the equipment available. Several community resources are available in: Resources
    • Viper is the eyes and ears of the Platoon on the ground, they must be played with the interests of the rest of the Platoon in mind.

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